Review: Sisters of Sword and Song – Rebecca Ross


From the author of The Queen’s Rising comes a thrilling YA stand-alone fantasy about the unbreakable bond between sisters. Perfect for fans of Ember in the Ashes, Sky in the Deep, and Court of Fives.

After eight long years, Evadne will finally be reunited with her older sister, Halcyon, who has been proudly serving in the queen’s army. But when Halcyon appears earlier than expected, Eva knows something has gone terribly wrong. Halcyon is on the run, hunted by her commander and charged with murder.

Though Halcyon’s life is spared during her trial, the punishment is heavy. And when Eva volunteers to serve part of Halcyon’s sentence, she’s determined to find out exactly what happened. But as Eva begins her sentence, she quickly learns that there are fates much worse than death.”


*I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the book*

Sisters of Sword and Song by Rebecca Ross was definitely a surprise read for me. I have been reading more and enjoying more fantasy reads lately, so even though I was excited to read this book, I didn’t expect to enjoy and be enthralled by a fantasy read as much as I was with this book. Beautiful and amazing surprise!

At the heart of this story, for me, is this relationship between our two main characters, Evadne and Halcyon, whom are sisters. This sisterly relationship is great and is developed brilliantly throughout the story and isn’t one that you see a lot in books, so it was really nice to see this bond, this connection, throughout and within this story. This actually meant a lot to me, with me having my own sisters and knowing that strong bond between sisters, even with time and space between us.

The writing of this book was so good and is one of the reason why I enjoyed it so much! The writing brought this story and the characters to life so much, which is often and issue for me when it comes to fantasy and creating this new fantasy world within in my minds eye. Plus, within this new world, is this new magical world and system and this was relatively easy for me to get my head behind, which again isn’t usually easy for me to understand. The visuals that the writing created and the emotions also created within me at time, goes to show how amazing the writing of this book was. For me to worry and care how much as I did, for how the lives of these characters turned out, was deep.

This book had a unique way of building and lowering as I was reading it, as it equalled the events that were taking place within the story itself When the story was calm. the book was read at a calm and relaxing pace, yet when you were at a more active section, then the book read more fast paced and hectic. This was a really nice touch, giving me a rest bite when needed and making me feel apart of the battle and making me feel like everything could happen.

Such a great read and one I would not have taken upon myself a year ago, with it being a Young Adult Fantasy, now I’m glad that my reading tastes have adapted and are changing, as I am now loving fantasy books!!

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