The Chinese Hack – Anthony Sweeney


“A Spy adventure story for kids 9 -12
A Chapter book and Graphic Novel in one with FREE Online Safety Ebook

Recon, the Cyber Spooks top agent, stares at the giant screens at the Cyber Spooks HQ, a map of the world shows endless cyber attacks shooting across the screen like bolts of lightning. It’s just another day at the office, except this day he brought his 13 years old son Carlo along to show him around. Suddenly, a major computer virus outbreak begins with a London bank, all branches across the UK become infected.

Meanwhile, Carlo ends up getting more involved than he could ever have imagined! A risky adventure of his own takes place with fellow Cyber Spooks agent Kali. They will need all the Cyber Spook gadgets to stop this criminal gang.

Has Carlo put himself at risk by deciding to help out?

A fast-paced, spy adventure with a twist, a fictional story based on real-life cybercrime. Full of online safety tips as the Cyber Spooks endeavour to protect the world from Cyber Attacks.” 


*I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book*

The Chinese Hack by Anthony Sweeney is definitely a book that is aimed and designed more for 8-12 year old children, with the whole intention of educating them when it comes to Internet Safety. Children today are being brought up knowing how to use technology and the internet really easily, but do they know how to protect themselves while using them?

This book not only educates children on Cyber Security, Internet Safety and Hackers, but aims to do so in a fun and exciting way, appealing to their age with a secret agent storyline. There are many good examples thrown in through out the story, of simply mistakes that everyone has done, adults included, from simply connecting to public wi-fi, that can leave you open to attacks and leave you vulnerable, to speaking to people you don’t know online. The story is brought together with the beautiful illustrations within, thanks to Dan Harris the illustrator, which makes this feel more like a comic and definitely grabs the eyes of young ones. Those illustrations bring this book to life and add an extra boost to it and it is always nice having some visuals within a book. Even more so when it’s a book aimed for children.

I was a little let down by this book, even though it was aimed for 9-12 year olds, this book was disappointing. The idea behind this book is great and is amazing as children do need to be educated when it comes to security and safety when it comes to the internet, however, the execution was slightly lacking. Not only did the story feel rushed, which I understand that it is for children so it needs to be relatively short, but if it’s idea is to educate, then the story will also need to emulate real life and not be wrapped up in one afternoon.

I gave this to my nephew to read, who’s 9 years old and this book does make an interesting starting off point for me to speak to him about his safety when using all his computers, phones and other technology that connects to the internet. It did actually surprise me how much he did already know regarding public Wi-Fi, general safety when it comes to speaking to strangers online, for how young he is. His favourite part of the book were definitely the illustrations.

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