Laugh Like A Kid Again – Phil Callaway


Laughter is a windshield wiper. It won’t stop the rain, but it will keep you going.

Life was funnier when we were five. Grownups tripped on a rake and we laughed for hours. Then came headlines and deadlines. Downturns and disappointments. Laugh Like a Kid Again is for anyone who wonders amid pressing anxieties—who stole my joy?

From the tender to the hilarious, these lighthearted stories will help you smile. You’ll encounter a prodigal dog, an incoming tornado, an unexpected afternoon in prison, and where to go when you have nine minutes to live. You’ll hear whispers of a God who…
loves you more than you imagine
holds your hand when you’re handed more than you can handle
does awesome work in the dark
Whether you face dark times or just need a good laugh, this “masterpiece of joy” will show you how to leave a lasting legacy, look up, and laugh again.”


*I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of this book*

Laugh Like A Kid Again by Phil Callaway was exactly what I was in the mood for right now! Usually when I’m in a weird reading funk or when I fancy a change in reading styles, I have my go to genres, but it was so nice and so refreshing to pick up this Non-Fiction book.

Not only did this book indeed make me laugh like a kid, with it’s cheesy dad jokes and brilliant writing style that had me flipping those pages, but it also has some great moments of wisdom within those pages. Each of the chapters are short and easy to digest, making this book such an easy and super fast paced book to read. Each of which starts with a “Dads Joke” and the chapter has it own meaning and message behind it, done so in a funny way that’s guaranteed to get a laugh and giggle from you.

Not the entirety of the book is going to connect to you, as it didn’t all connect with me, therefore not being able to keep me fully engaged 100% of the time, but, you can’t expect that of a non-fiction book. Like I said above, there are some moments in the book that genuinely made me think and are honestly breath-taking to read. One of these moments is;

“Words are like salt. When blurted unwisely they bring sickness, burden the heart and increase blood pressure. When sprinkled rightly they add flavour, preserve life, and melt ice. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of using our words to build up.”


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