Mortal Engines #1 – Philip Reeve (Book 6 #20BooksOfSummer20)

img_4074 Synopsis:

London is a city on wheels – a future city like you’ve never known before. In the terrible aftermath of the Sixty Minute War, cities which survived the apocalypse became predators, chasing and feeding on smaller towns. Now London is hunting down its prey, getting ready to feed. But as the chase begins, Tom uncovers a secret – a secret full of deadly consequences. Soon he is plunged into a world of unkillable enemies, threatened by a weapon that will tear his life apart… ” 


I have been wanting to read this book for such a long time and I am so glad to have finally have gotten to begin this series and finished the first book in it. I am reading this series/quartet as part of a Buddy Read along with my partner, as this is one of his all time series that he read as a child. This is book one in the Moral Engines Quartet by Philip Reeves and is a Young Adult Dystopian, Science Fiction, Steampunk series.

I found myself hooked from the very beginning of this book. There was so much going on constantly and the characters within had depth and complexity to them, that made this book for me. Considering that this was a whole new world for me, a world where the one we know is gone and everyone is living on towns on wheels, chasing after new towns and cities, it was surprisingly easy to get my head around. The way the world was built up, taking place naturally as part of the story, instead of  becoming excess of over the top amount of information dump that can often take place in fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi reads, where there is so much new information to digest.

I went into this book so some expectations because I had seen the movie adaptation beforehand, but maybe that’s the best way to do it, because the book beat it out of the park. This book was definitely better than the film and I am so glad that I read it and I will be carrying on with the series, which is a win for me because I have read so many firsts in series this year, without carrying on with the series. If, like me, you’ve seen the movie adaptation, then take that with a grain of salt. The book is go so much better and the storyline itself has so much more complexity that a movie just can’t handle. The story and plot itself, is also different. Things that happen in the film are different in the book, which saddened me, because I wasn’t prepared for that amount of sadness and was emotional betrayed. The deceit!.

Mortal Engines is  such an easy and quick read, with constant action going on throughout the book that kept me hooked the entire time, plus with characters that I liked and wanted to see the outcome for. I didn’t want to put the book down and I wanted to see how the story was going to conclude and open up for the next book in the quartet. I am a little unsure how or where Book 2 is going to go, but I am interested to see where these characters go from where this book ended. Bring on Predator’s Gold!

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