I Let You Go – Clare Mackintosh (Book 2 – #20BooksOfSummer20)

4.75 Stars


“A tragic accident. It all happened so quickly. She couldn’t have prevented it. Could she?

In a split second, Jenna Gray’s world descends into a nightmare. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night that changed her life forever.

Slowly, Jenna begins to glimpse the potential for happiness in her future. But her past is about to catch up with her, and the consequences will be devastating . . .”


*Trigger Warning – This book contains scenes that some people may find uncomfortable

Clare Macintosh is an author I have been wanting to read for a while, as a lover of Mystery Thrillers, I have heard great things about her writing and story plots. I stumbled upon I Let You Go while at a charity book fair and grabbed it instantly. It’s been on my TBR trolley ever since, with me continually putting it off, because of the build up I’ve had because of the amount of positive things I’ve heard about her. But I couldn’t wait no longer and added it to my #20BooksOfSummer20 #ReadingChallenge this year, along with a few other books I’ve been continually putting off. So I’m so glad that Nathan picked this book for me to read this week!

I am so thankful to finally have read this book and I was not disappointed!! I knew to expect a twist when it came to Macintoshes books’ (which was one of the reason I kept putting the book off), but this book absolutely took me by surprise. Even going into knowing there was going to be a twist and being on my guard, I was taken completely by surprise. I loved it!!! I was shocked and left thinking WTH and quickly went back and reread some pages. That’s how incredible the writing was and goes to show how your mind fills in so many blanks. However, that ending, the epilogue especially, was unnecessary.

It’s rare to see a book written in a country where I live, Wales, let alone my general area of South Wales, so that was a nice little touch for me. The little mentioning’s of towns and places I recognised was actually really nice and added that little bit of nostalgia to me, especially while being stuck in Lockdown at the moment. Especially when there’s a chunk of time spent at the beach.

I am definitely going to be reading more from Clare Mackintosh if this book is anything to go on!

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Hello! My name is Shayney Hardcastle. I am a massive book enthusiast so I created this blog as my own little place where I can write and express my thoughts and review each book I have read. I am 23 and am currently living in a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom, and love how reading let's me explore the world outside of this small town. I have also recently been sent more and more books and ARC by authors to review and wanted a place to review them that wasn't just on Goodreads and Amazon.

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