Hidden Figures – Margot Lee Shetterly (Book 1 – #20BooksOfSummer20)



“The #1 New York Times Bestseller. Set amid the civil rights movement, the never-before-told true story of NASA’s African-American female mathematicians who played a crucial role in America’s space program. Before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, a group of professionals worked as ‘Human Computers’, calculating the flight paths that would enable these historic achievements. Among these were a coterie of bright, talented African-American women. Segregated from their white counterparts, these ‘coloured computers’ used pencil and paper to write the equations that would launch rockets and astronauts, into space. Moving from World War II through NASA’s golden age, touching on the civil rights era, the Space Race, the Cold War and the women’s rights movement, ‘Hidden Figures’ interweaves a rich history of mankind’s greatest adventure with the intimate stories of five courageous women whose work forever changed the world.”

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“Their goal wasn’t to stand out because of their differences, it was to fit in because of their talent”

I need to talk about, how I was listening to this book, with it discussing the struggles that these women had to go through in order to get the career that they wanted, even though they were extremely qualified for them. With them each experiencing discrimination for not only the colour of their skin, but also for them being a woman. What is shocking and disgusting is that times seem to have not changed!! People claim to be different, but they just hide it better. How there is an 80 year difference between the dates mentioned from then and now, yet the fear and discrimination is the same for many. That made listening to this book so much more emotional, powerful and straight up shocking. Especially as there’s mentions and quotes from Martin Luther King Jr within this book.

This was such a good and insightful book to listen to, but I am glad that I did choose to listen to this book as an audiobook, rather than reading to the physical copy of the book. Even though it was very insightful, it would’ve read as very documentary style, which is good when listening to, but come across dry and boring when reading, as you’re reading off just a load of informative facts. Not only do you get the information within this book, by listening to the audiobook version, it brings this informative information to life and makes it more real with the added emotion given by the narrator, that the physical book would’ve lacked. So that’s how I would recommend reading this book!

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, discusses and goes into detail regarding those African-American women who played a crucial role in the American’s Space Programme through the most difficult time. Not only did they have to struggle with peoples discrimination because of the colour of their skin, during the civil war era, but their also face discrimination in the work place because of the fact they were women. This book took time to discuss and spend time with each of these ladies, going into their lives, their struggles, informing the reader about their lives and their struggles, allowing you to spend some time with them individually. What was also nice was the inclusion of real life events that were also taking place and how those had an impact of the women’s lives. The integration of schools, the troubles and problems people had with this, the passing of laws, the several mentions of Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a book that I do recommend people read, even if you’ve seen the movie, as there is so so so much more information included within the book, plus the movie had been adapted in parts for excited and so forth. This book is non-fiction and takes place during an important part in history. I would, however, recommend you listen to the audiobook version. 

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