The Black Box #16 – Michael Connelly



“May 1992, and after four LAPD officers were acquitted after the savage beating of Rodney King, Los Angeles is ablaze. As looting and burning take over the city, law and order are swept away in a tidal wave of violence. But under threat of their lives, homicide detectives like Harry Bosch are still stubbornly trying to do their job. With no effective police presence on the streets, murder just got a whole lot easier – and investigating them got a whole lot harder. When Harry finds the body of a female journalist in an alley he is forced to hand over the case to the Riot Crimes Task Force, knowing that it will never be solved. Twenty years later, new evidence confirms her death was not a case of random violence but something much more personal. This time Harry is determined that the killer isn’t going to escape – even if it means stepping back into the darkest days of the city he loves…”


This is my first Michael Connelly, but it definitely wont be my last one. I read it as part of a Buddy Read and I was pleasantly surprised.

During 1992 there were riots within LA. In these riots there was also deaths, one of which was a white woman, nicknamed Snow White as she was the only white woman murdered during these riots. twenty years later on the twentieth anniversary, the Unsolved Crimes Unit is reopening these murders, including the murder of ‘Snow White’. Harry Bosch as requested the case as he was the original officer on the scene of the crime, only being on the case for less than an hour during 1992, the crime as always stayed with him.

Everything is against him when it come to solving this case, the politics of solving the death of the only white woman and how its going to look, which leads your own boss to try and encourage you to move on and put this case aside. This added a little extra layer to the book, rather that a general Detective mystery. It was really interesting to read. I didn’t realise before starting this book, but this is actually the 16th book in the Harry Bosch series, although this can quite easily be read as a standalone and be enjoyed as so. You do miss some of the things, like little mentions of people that I can imagine would have been more significant if I had read these in order, but it had no impact on this book.

There is so little evidence to work with from the beginning, watching this book develop and seeing how the plot moved along was really good. A lot did rely on hunch work, but I did really enjoy this book and liked how it was written. How this book expanded from nothing. There are points in this book where you can see where it is a little dated and that it hasn’t held up well, but overall, I did enjoy this book and will be reading some more of Connelly’s book’s.

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