Reading Percy Jackson For The First Time

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This may come as a little bit of a shock, but even though I would class myself as a very avid reader, I have not read the Percy Jackson series *hanging my head in shame*. However, as we are all currently in lockdown and I do already own the series, I thought that this would be the perfect time to read the series for the first time. When reading the series I realised that I had different tastes and opinions to other people when it came to thoughts on certain books within the series. I seemed to really enjoy certain books that seemed to be less liked by the majority and visa versa, which you will come to discover within this post.

img_3912With the beginning of Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, you get straight into it and get introduced to the world of all things mythology, from Gods, Half-Bloods and everything Olympian. You get to discover this new world, that’s alongside our own but hidden by The Mist, discovering everything from the start as Percy is now discovering this new world from himself. Including the dangers of this world. This book is the perfect book to set you up from this series and to introduce you to the characters that are going to become so heavily apart of this series and your world, when you’re reading this series.

img_3913The second book, Sea Of Monsters, is meant to be the least liked book within this series, but this is where my opinion differed from others, because I really enjoyed this book, which was a short one when compared to the first book. I liked the introduction of Tyson, whom became one of my favourite characters because of his innocence and because of the relationship and interactions with the other characters. I think it was the characters that made this book for me and why I ended up thoroughly enjoyed it. I raced through it and remember this book the most, even now. 

img_3914The third book, The Titan’s Curse, is most probably my least favourite out of the series, which again is an unpopular opinion, but this book was the weaker of the five. I found the beginning a drag and had to power through and even now I’m struggling to remember what actually happened in this one. The only redeeming thing I liked about this book was the introduction of Nico, which is important for books 4 and especially book 5. Oh and the introduction of Rachel. This was so subtle and so well done actually and this alone is making me want to change the rating I gave to this book. 

img_3915The fourth book, The Battle of the Labyrinthgot me back into this series and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I was just missing Tyson. Only joking! But I did really like the relationships between the characters in this book. The subtleness and the jokes cracked me up and had me flipping those pages. There was so much happening within this book with different characters, yet, I was not left bored or confused. I loved the idea of the Labyrinth and I was sooooo excited to see where it was all going to go. That little twist got me and I never would have guessed and I thought it was brilliant. The way that it ended, left me wanting more and had me rushing into the final book in the series soooo quickly. 

img_3916The fifth and final book in the Olympians series, The Last Olympian, is hands down my favourite book in this book series. This book was so well done and the series in general, to get to this point. Everything I wanted to get answered, was. Everything was wrapped up perfectly and went to show how much thought had gone into this series from the very beginning. What I loved the most was how much time was spent on the battle itself. It wasn’t just built up and summed up in 50 pages, but the whole book was basically spent on it, that way it wasn’t rushed but was able to take it’s time and do it justice. Especially as the series has been leading up to it. Plus, I know that there are spin off series and there was a nice little thing at the end of this book that I thought was a nice little touch. Amazing and is even tempting me to continue on with this world. 

Overall, the series was a little up and down when it comes to certain books, but I did love how it ended and what I didn’t enjoy, other people loved and visa versa. I am so glad that I have now finally read this series!! I am now going to do the same thing and read another book series I own and can’t believe I haven’t read yet. A series that I have constantly heard about and that is going to be the Shatter Me series. If you have any ideas what I should do after Shatter Me, then please let me know. 

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