Horror Reading Fest

Something that you all may not know about me is that I am a bit of a Horror fanatic. I love a good Horror film, so when Halloween comes around every year, I get a little excited. I take that time every year and book it off work and make a good excuse to indulge of everything Horror. Plus it’s a good excuse to eat a lot of sweets while doing it.

So I’ve decided to go a little extra this year and I’m going to be doing a Horror Reading Fest. This is where I am going to be swapping all my reading to over to Horror books. I was going to be doing this for just the entirety of October, but that doesn’t seem long enough, so I’m going to be doing this for two months length. Just Reading Horror Books! I’m so excited 😆

I’m going to be starting 15th September and finishing on the 15th November, where all my reads will be simply Horror or Thriller reads. This will include children’s horrors, short stories, novellas and collections, also audiobooks and so on. I’m also hoping to do some movie or tv adaptations, where I can read the book and then watch the adaptation and see which I found scarier, and then write up, not only a review on the book, but on my experience on that.

I have preselected my TBR for this upcoming event, buying new books for this occasion, selecting books off my shelves I’ve been wanting to read for a while, books from NetGalley and so on… I can’t wait!!

If anyone wants to join in, let me know and we could even organise a Buddy Read!

Published by ShayneysReviews

Hello! My name is Shayney Hardcastle. I am a massive book enthusiast so I created this blog as my own little place where I can write and express my thoughts and review each book I have read. I am 23 and am currently living in a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom, and love how reading let's me explore the world outside of this small town. I have also recently been sent more and more books and ARC by authors to review and wanted a place to review them that wasn't just on Goodreads and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Horror Reading Fest

  1. Amazing. I’m sticking to October as I have a few non horror books I want to read this month. I’ve already got a few in mind I need to buy. Haversrcoft by S.A. Harris and Ghost bird by carol lovekin. Tempted to read Ghost Bird sooner but we’ll see. I’ve got a Joe Hill to read. I love horror I don’t read enough anymore

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    1. Me either, that’s why I extended it for! I have so many I keep putting off for some strange reason, but now I have no excuse and I’m so excited. I keep having to stop myself reading them now through. I’m trying to finish reading my Currently Reading Books now as soon as 😆

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