Reading Slump

What do you do when a Reading Slump hits you?

Yepp. Sadly, I have been hit by the monster that all readers hate, that is the terrifying Reading Slump 😭 I have read a lot so far this year, ranging from short stories and graphic novels, to audio books and full length novels, which have been of a wide range of genres. But now suddenly every time I pick up a book and start reading, I get a few chapters in and start the process over again. So now my ‘Currently Reading’ list has a hefty load of books on it.

This does not include the books I have to read for NetGalley to Read and Review!! 🤦‍♀️

I’ve been trying to read a book that grabs my attention and therefore pulls me out of my reading Slump funk, but sadly I haven’t found that book as of yet. This just means I’m adding more piles to my list. What does seem to be working slowly, for me at the moment, is reading some short stories. They’re not that long, so they don’t need my attention for all that long and then I get that sense of accomplishment when I complete it. I’ve finally completed reading a story!!! Yay!!! Celebrate 🎉

But…. I need some tips pretty please 🙏 on some of your tips on getting out of a reading slump??? Is there a specific book you read? Do you just enjoy the break? Tell me all your secret ways!!.

Published by ShayneysReviews

Hello! My name is Shayney Hardcastle. I am a massive book enthusiast so I created this blog as my own little place where I can write and express my thoughts and review each book I have read. I am 23 and am currently living in a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom, and love how reading let's me explore the world outside of this small town. I have also recently been sent more and more books and ARC by authors to review and wanted a place to review them that wasn't just on Goodreads and Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Reading Slump

  1. Usually reading an old favourite helps. Or even a children’s book or fantasy book. The only think that definitely works is taking a break from reading after a while I’ll need to read. But I don’t want to do that.

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  2. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I understand this! I have been reviewing on my blog for 3 years and have been struggling for the past few months. I have discussed this a lot lately with an author friend whom I beta-read for and do reviews, promos, etc. and some ideas we have thought of is for me to take a few months and ignore and delete those emails that come in announcing new tours available for sign-up. I’m also trying to stay away from NetGalley unless I’m posting a review because my shelves just keep growing, lol!.

    Something I have been doing lately is checking out Freebies on Amazon in my preferred genres because it’s so much fun to just pick something to read that you don’t have to do a huge blog post for, submit links, and so on. If I love it, I still review it on Amazon, of course, but I love just relaxing and reading and not worrying about a deadline and all of the leg work that goes along with a blog tour.

    It’s sad that something we loved so much prompts us to start doing this but then that beloved thing becomes a chore.

    Best wishes on finding your inspiration and energy again 🙂 And thanks for letting me vent about this too!!

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