Book Review: The Hairy Hand – Robin Bennett

I received a free ebook copy of “The Hairy Hand” from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Book Description:

“With great power at the end of your fingers comes great trouble. 

Septimus feels out-of-place in his village where everyone else his age is called Garp, Darg or Smerg or Blaarg. Good, honest names that sound like you are have just swallowed something pointy or are sneezing into custard. Even his parents make him feel like a stranger. Especially his parents. Then he inherits something strange and frightening from his uncle. A Hairy Hand. It has the magical ability to find buried treasure which suits his parents (thieves by trade) down to the ground. However, instead of making his life better, it suddenly gets a lot worse. So, it is up to Sept to find out what else the Hand knows and put things right.”

Septimus (Sept for short), lives in Nowhere with his parents and always feels out of place. He’s then told that his uncle has died and that he has to make this journey to his uncles house, alone, to pay his respect. There’s also a last request from his uncle where Sept is allowed to select three items from his uncles house for himself. Now, that’s a lot to take in, especially when you didn’t know you had an uncle. Ooh… Plus his uncles a Warlock! So there’s that as well…

How do I go about reviewing a book with the title The Hairy Hand? I will say, yes! It is as weird and as strange as the title has got you thinking it is, but omg in the best of ways possible. Believe me please. If it wasn’t for work, or family, I would have gladly and happily have read this book extremely easily in one sitting, and believe me I wanted to so badly. I didn’t want to put it down! At certain times, when concentration was needed, I chose this book over safety. Not smart but I’d say worth it. I found myself walking to work reading it on phone, which I wouldn’t suggest doing. All us book daredevils out there, safety first.

I didn’t know what to expect when I went into this book, going in with relatively low expectations, which is probably why it it blew me away. It was different to anything I’ve read in a while and it’s different to what I’ve been reading recently, which is amazing and was needed as it breaks up my reading pattern and can get me out of a little rut.

Amazing read and I highly recommend. It says the book is “36,000 words for middle grade readers or slow-witted adults“. Loved it, so does that make me a slow-witted adult? 🤔

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