Game of Thrones

Alright, I have a big confession to make.. *taking a massive deep breath* .. I have never read or watched any of the Game of Thrones!! 😳🤫 The shock I know! I am one of those little few who have been hiding under a rock and living in a cave, to the point that when people are talking about GOT around me, it just goes over my head. And believe me, with the new series about to come out, it’s been happening more and more lately.

Because of this, it has been making me want to give it a try. But that’s also where it gets a little tricky… Do I go for the Tv Series, or for the Book Series. There are pros and cons for both of these, which is why I am asking for all of you for your help. What should I do? Are the series better, because they’re meant to be a lot faster than the book series, with how slow George RR Martin writes them, but is there so much more in those books? Read the books first and then watch the series? Is there more in the books, like there usually always is.. but with book to tv adaptations, do they even relate fully. Will one of these spoil the other? Are they even worth it after all?

Can you see why I need your help? Too much overthinking. Please help…

Published by ShayneysReviews

Hello! My name is Shayney Hardcastle. I am a massive book enthusiast so I created this blog as my own little place where I can write and express my thoughts and review each book I have read. I am 23 and am currently living in a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom, and love how reading let's me explore the world outside of this small town. I have also recently been sent more and more books and ARC by authors to review and wanted a place to review them that wasn't just on Goodreads and Amazon.

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